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Professor of the Graduate Program in Translation Studies at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. In the field of Joycean studies, she has published Para ler Finnegans Wake de James Joyce (“How to read James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake”) and James Joyce e seus tradutores (“James Joyce and his translators”). She has translated into Portuguese The Cats of Copenhagen, The cat and the devil and Finnegans Wake (by a thread). Waltrick do Amarante co-organized, in partnership with Sérgio Medeiros, De santos e sábios (“From saints to sinners”, a collection of James Joyce’s essays translated into Brazilian Portuguese). Both also translated into Brazilian Portuguese Letters to Nora and Cartas a Harriet (“Letters to Harriet”, a selection of epistles from James Joyce to Harriet Weaver).

foto da dirce waltrick amarante
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